Our prices are straight forward without any unnecessary hidden or administrative costs. We take pride in the consistency in
pricing that we maintain on our products for our customers because we know how much our customers dislike surprise costs.

The products and quality of services that we offer at Instant Loan Logbook are refined to the best quality. The friendliness, resourcefulness and attentiveness that our customer support team gives to our customers can only be found in the largest, most respectable institutions in the UK. We keep things simple and practical so that we form lasting relationships with our clients. We receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers and are confident that our London logbook loan services are top notch.

Our policies revolve around honestly and transparency. We will always advice you on aspects of the V5 loan you need that suit you best, considering your economic status. The fact that we cannot give you a loan you cannot afford has played a big role in keeping the number of successful repayments above average. When you have to take a smaller loan probably because of your income, we are always happy to top it up once you make consistent and complete monthly repayments for your loan.

It can be a 60 minute affair

We never want to keep you waiting! Our staffs get on high gear the moment you contact us in need of a loan. We provide you with guidance on how to go about the application and inform you on the documents we require from you in order to organise a meeting as fast as possible. Depending on your availability, you can receive your money within an hour of application.

Use Your Money For Whatever You Want

You do not have to give us any information on your intended use for the logbook loan money. As far as we are concerned, you need the money and that is it. We also give you unlimited access to your vehicle to use any way you may need to but require that you maintain its condition as it was when signing our loan contract. For security, your logbook and spare keys remain in our custody until the loan repayments are done.

We are determined to challenge our competitors with the cheapest rates and it will be difficult to get a lender to offer you rates as low as ours. Any bike, car, van or classic car will be able to secure you the loan you need from us.

We are regulated and understand the importance of responsible lending. All the data we collect from you is used to determine your ability to pay back your loan and is not shared to any person or entity without your consent.


  • It was a delight to be served by Instant Loan Logbook staff. They were very friendly with me and they treated me with such respect!

    Anne HathawayManchester
  • I did not know much about logbook loans when going to Instant Loan Logbook for a loan and the underwriter I spoke to understood that and carefully went though the details of the loan with me before advising me on the best options to take up.

    Lindsey CarroliLiverpool
  • I couldn't leave this website without mentioning how fabulous Instant Loan Logbook's prices are. We did not even have to have a negotiation for me to settle on the. Their price was right for me the moment I saw it.

    Peter HLiverpool
  • By the time I found Instant Loan Logbook, time was almost running out for me for the money I needed. I liked the way I took a short time to complete my application and they were able to furnish me with the money within 3 hours! Am so grateful.

    Stella MonroeLondon

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